Egg of the Universe


A cute little cafe, nestled close to my home here in Sydney. A Yoga studio & Cafe with a menu full of wholesome goodness with multiple vegan options, what more is there to love. Whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast or lunch that pleases your tastebuds, a lovely courtyard filled with pebbles and fairy lights to sit and work in (yes they have complimentary wifi) or you are just looking for a good yoga class with some amazing instructors in a beautiful space, Egg of the Universe will have you covered. 

The menu is printed on recycled brown paper, the dishes are colourful and definitely instagram worthy and the never ending drink options leave you torn every time. Be sure to try the house fermented Kombucha, its winner. 


The menu is ruled by taste and lead by seasons, the dishes are made only using the best ingredients that are from high quality produces and providers. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, something veggie or something for the meat lovers, they have a dish for everyones tastebuds and they won’t disappoint. 

Two of my favourite picks from the menu that I definitely recommend are the Spiced Kichari’s, I just take out the egg & cream and add in some avocado and if i’m extra hungry (which is on a regular basis) I will add in a piece of bread on the side, it tastes so good when you dip it in. The porridge being my breakfast go to, its absolutely to die for. 

Hannah BlucherComment