Community Organics

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I am all about finding new ways of eating healthy, high quality ingredients and supporting local businesses. Community Organics consists of two guys; Damien and Tom who source amazingly fresh and delicious tasting fruit and veg for locals living in the Eastern Suburbs and deliver these goods straight to their doors. They have been doing this for over 10 years and their aim was to always help make lives of the community a little healthier and a little easier. They know people have busy lives and how tough it can be to find good quality organic food that is affordable and accessible. So they take the stress out of you trying to find these reasonably priced organic fruit and veggies and they make life that little bit easier by delivering straight to your front door with just a click of a button, that in my eyes, is just awesome.

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When sourcing their produce they look out for 2 things, flavour and quality and to pass the test, every single piece of fruit and veg has to look great, taste great and be super fresh. Their first preference is always to use certified organic fruit and veg, however sometimes the quality and flavour of the certified organic products is not always up to standards and so then they also incorporate some un certified, chemical free products from trusted growers as well as using the clean 15 guide as a way to select produce that is grown using conventional methods. So you always know you are getting the best tasting as well as high quality goods delivered. 

The part I LOVE the most is that within the box contains a newsletter telling you the need to knows of the produce that they have supplied, where everything is from, how and where it was grown and my favourite part, some recipes to help you make the most out of everything that has been delivered. The boxes come in different sizes depending on how many heads you’re feeding in your household and they can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or whenever you need. Personally I’m so glad we came across this service and I will definitely be continuing my suscription. It has changed the way we in our household eat, we definitely have way more organic produce these days and we definitely notice a massive difference in the taste and freshness of all the produce. 

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