My Top 5 Go To Vegan Recipes This Summer

I have been getting a lot of messages recently, asking for some delicious vegan recipes. So whilst I will be bringing you guys some of my own recipe creations that I use a lot, I also wanted to start sharing with you some of my favourite go to recipes that have been created by others. I love how all these food blogs are helping to make healthy eating fun and providing us with easy, nutritious and alternative recipes.

Two Peas And Their Pod - Roasted Cauliflower

and Chickpea Taco’s

These make the perfect healthy dinner, they’re quick, easy and SO good! I love Mexican food and Taco Tuesday is definitely a tradition in our house hold, so for us these are made on a regular basis. Even my boyfriend loves them and lets just say theres not many things that I cook that he actually likes.


Sami Bloom - Quinoa Tempeh Sushi

I’ve always loved sushi and it Is one of the easiest meals to make healthy. Sami’s recipe is great, it uses quinoa instead of rice, however I do sometimes use brown rice to mix it up. These are the perfect fun dinners to make with your family, friends or partner and are also great appetiser.


Earthy Andy - Nourish Bowls

Ok so Earthy Andy is amazing, she posts some amazing recipes both on her instagram and on her website. I love nourish bowls and here you get to see how you can mix it up and options to include in your nourish bowl. They’re delicious, give you a variety of nutrients, easy to make and are perfect for when you want to mix together leftovers or wanting to meal prep. 


Deliciously Ella - Cashew Pesto Pasta

I love any type of Italian food and this dish is perfect hot or cold. Pasta provides you with a great source of essential nutrients and is a great carb that can be used with all different types of ingredients. This recipe includes both spaghetti and courgetti, so it already has some vegetables included, however I love to add a little more so I usually add in some spinach to this or even some broccoli just make it go that little further. 

For more food inspiration, be sure to check out all the other amazing recipes on these amazing blogs and keep an eye out for my own recipe creations coming your way soon!

If you guys have any recipes that you love, please please please comment and share them below, I always love finding new and delicious recipes to try at home.