10 Best Podcasts Of 2018 So Far

Podcast are definitely more popular than ever right now and there are so many out there to chose from. Personally I think it can be pretty overwhelming when scrolling through the endless options, so to help you out, I wanted to give you my recommendations and tell you which ones i’m loving right now!


Plant Proof

A place to learn about a plant based diet and changing your lifestyle for the better! Simon (the host) connects with like minded and inspirational individuals, exploring their stories and sharing their advice and experiences. 

The Teachers Pet

Crime Investigation based on an un-resolved murder here in Sydney. The Australians medley Thomas digs deep into this cold case that has been unsolved for 36 years and uncovers new evidence into the young mother who mysteriously disappeared and was never to be seen or heard from again since the early 1980’s. 

ATP Projects Podcast

Health and Science based podcast who really get their hands into the nitty gritty details of how stuff works. This is a really informative yet entertaining podcast and is great if you have an interest in health, especially in nutrition. 


Like the caption says 'The podcast for smart women, who secretly love dumb stuff. Mich and Zara are two of the most switched on and funny celebrity journalists around who have now started their own independent podcast. They cover the fun, the stupid and the serious on all things celebrity gossip and pop culture. You’ll end up being hooked and for a good reason. 

Seize the Yay

Spoonful of Sarah. I love this podcast, Sarah is an inspiring person herself, so think of how inspiring the episodes are when you have herself along with an inspirational guest. As you can take from the podcast name, Sarah dives into the lives of her guests to give her audience the ins and outs of how they have got to where they’re now and how they find there yay, whether is be work, rest or play.

Ace The Gram

If you want to get more followers on your instagram, these girls have all the answers you’ll need. Whether you’re business or a personal brand, Tash and Viv provide tips from themselves and their guests on how you can leverage the power of instagram, build your following and make all your hard. Work pay off. 

The Rich Roll Podcast

The podcast that got me into podcasts - On this podcast you get long form conversations with Rich Roll and his inspiring friends with a core interest in wellness and achieving greatness. The podcast is full of inspirational stories, a variety of topics from business, science, relationships and fitness/sports.

The Hook Up

This is a program that airs on Triple J Radio on Sunday night, but I'm not usually listening to the radio at that time. Like the description of the podcast says on Apple, its the sex education you wish you’d had. From that you can pretty grasp what its about, a podcast all about love, relationships and sex.

The Healthy Gut

All about stomach problems and for those who have an interest in learning about how you can achieve a healthy gut, full of tips, advice and support. If you’re like me and have stomach issues, this one could be for you. 

Medical Medium Podcast

This is a favourite of mine, Medical Medium, is a little bit kooky but really knows his stuff. If you have any health issues that you're trying to resolve, this one is worth a listen. Anthony, the producer uses his gift of reading peoples conditions and helps them with recovering their health. 

I could go on and on with recommendations, but il spare you from the boredom of me rambling on.

If you guys have any recommendations of podcasts for me to listen to, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave them in a comment below and Il be sure to try them out.