Why I Say Nup To The Cup

NUP TO THE CUP - I am all about getting dressed up and having fun with your mates, having some champagne in the sunshine, and enjoying life… but today I’m saying nuptothecup because I do not support or want to (even subtly) promote cruelty towards animals.

I find it wrong that we have created a day of celebration, a public holiday even in Victoria, where animals lose their lives and are treated like commodities. For those of you who don’t know, Melbourne Cup is now a public holiday in November in Victoria!

Nup to the cup

I want to say that I have no problem with people owning horses and I am more than sure many of the race horses are treated very well when they are performing at such an elite level. I do firmly believe that the majority of horse owners really truly love their animals and care about them like their children. My problem has never been with this though.

My problem with the races is more so about the gambling and the way that people make profit (and a lot of it) off these horses. It means that these animals have become commodities in a humans race.

Do the race horses get to retire and live out their lives in a paddock and stress free? No, majority do not! The horses that are no longer profitable, fast enough or fit enough to comply to what to is expected of them are destined for the slaughterhouse if they haven’t already died from being overworked. Some lucky ones end up in animal sanctuaries, like Mick who I met last week at @wherepigsflyfarmsancutary but this is rarely the case.

So, whilst you’re sipping your champagne, placing bets and celebrating; spare a moment to think of all the horses that end up on the dark side of the racing industry, think of not just the horses but all animals that are commodified by humans to make money.

Be mindful and understand how the choices we make impact our world and the creatures living on it. We can all make a big difference TOGETHER if we take small steps day by day.

nup to the cup

I personally don’t think there’s anything glamorous about it nor worth celebrating and I’m hoping this post will help educate you or make you think twice about our actions for today and any other horse racing, greyhound racing, or any sort of event where animals are exploited for human gain.

Shout out to all the amazing companies and humans that are doing fabulous things and saying #nuptothecup today…. some awesome examples I’ve seen online are…

My fave vegan icecream brand Over The Moo have teamed up with the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses to raise awareness for the hundreds of horses that die on Australian racetracks every single year. All proceeds from the sale of their mugs go directly to the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses. Please support this cause and see that these beautiful, majestic creatures deserve more in life than the horse racing industry condemns them too.

Bodhi Restaurant and Bar is hosting their very first ‘Nup The Cup’ Lunch. Alongside their co-host Aline Dürr Nup The Cup Lunch they will be raising funds and generating awareness for the Little Oak Sanctuary, Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary & Whisker Woods Sanctuary. These three incredible sanctuaries rescue and rehabilitate ex-racehorses giving them a safe place to live happily and free for the remainder of their lives.