6 Sunday Habits for a Successful Week

Sundays are my favourite day of the week. For one, most Sunday nights I get to fall asleep in my own bed, and waking up fresh on a Monday after a dreamy sleep at home is a simple pleasure that cannot be underestimated. 

I also believe that how you spend your Sunday sets you up for the entire week. I completely understand that life gets crazy and you can never quite predict what will get thrown at you, but by making a routine out of these Sunday habits with the intention of improving the days ahead, it will give you the best head start and boost your chances of having a kickass week.

If you’re struggling to create a Sunday routine that will set you up for a productive week, here are some powerful rituals you can incorporate to make the upcoming week all the more successful and enjoyable!

1. Rise early and get moving
It’s true what they say – the early bird gets the worm! If you’re not too burned out from a raging Saturday night, my top tip is to get up early and get moving. Getting up early allows you to smash out your Sunday goals; it will help you feel productive and will also leave ample time in the afternoon for Netflix ‘n Chill, or whatever else floats your boat. Exercising first thing on a Sunday energises you for the day ahead. It boosts your endorphins and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something already. It doesn’t have to be a massive, soul-crushing session - a simple 30-minute brisk walk will do just fine.

2. Set your goals and get clear on your intention
How can you expect the universe to manifest abundance in your life if you haven’t even thought about what you want? Getting clear on your intention is vital to a successful week. I find it best to sit down with a journal and reflect on how you showed up the past week and how you want to show up this next week. Celebrate your wins and make peace with your losses. Have a think about what you want to achieve this week in terms of personal goals, and make a point of incorporating a gratitude practice as part of this. It’s simple, just list out what you are feeling grateful for that day and take a moment to really hold that feeling of gratitude inside you.

3. Take an hour to get organised
Sit down with your diary and write out all of your ‘to dos’. Having a clear idea of where and when you need to be somewhere is imperative for feeling organised coming into the new week. Include any appointments, activities or social events you have committed to, and schedule in your workouts as well. Taking the time to get organised on a Sunday helps you visualise the week ahead and frees up your mind, helping you feel less anxious about Mondays.

4. Do your groceries and prep your meals
Sunday meal prep sessions are an absolute lifesaver! Make sure you grab your groceries early, before the families with screaming kids hit the isles. My favourite thing on a Sunday is to make a big batch of soup or curry, so that I can portion it out – perfect for those nights I get home late and can’t be bothered to cook. It’s efficient to cook in bulk, and this practice will save you a tonne of time and money!

5. Delight in an hour of me-time
Carve out time each Sunday to dedicate to yourself. Do something, anything at all, in the name of self-love. This can be taking a yoga class, meditating, or pampering yourself at the local salon. Maybe it’s even settling down with a cup of tea and a good book – check out my recommendations of what to read here. Make sure it’s an activity that helps you stay present and positive. I like to do my self-love hour in the evenings, after all my other jobs have been completed. It is a perfect way to reset for the week ahead. 

6. Get some solid zzz’s
An early Sunday night is a glorious way to pay respect to a productive day. It often flies under the radar, but sleep is critical for emotional wellbeing, effective brain function, strong immune system and even proper digestion. Getting a good Sunday night sleep helps you feel prepared, relaxed and focused going into a busy week ahead. For me, it really helps to have a routine that I stick to in the evening. It’s not complicated and normally consists of a warm shower and a 10-minute stretching session, before I make myself a cuppa to sip while working through my Essential Oils routine to enhance my sleep.


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