Sydney Vegan Market: A Review

Last weekend I headed out to the Sydney Vegan Market. If you haven’t been yet, they are on every month and have an incredible selection of food and items for you to explore – all plant-based, all cruelty-free and all vegan! Sunday heralded some gorgeous weather for us and it really was a perfect afternoon exploring the stalls and supporting local businesses. Each time I go, the markets are getting busier, which is a testament to the shift in awareness that is happening. It’s quite special to have so many like-minded people in the same place, and whether you’re looking to make a difference in Sydney’s vegan scene, wish to connect with other passionate advocates, or are simply curious about what a vegan lifestyle has to offer, I would highly recommended dropping past the markets as part of your weekend social schedule. 

My rating: I would rate the Sydney Vegan Market 8 out of 10.

What could be better? I think there is definitely room for improvement in terms of the number of stalls and options (as well as more people of course), though I know this will naturally evolve over time as the vegan movement takes over the world.

What is already epic? I love how the Sydney Vegan Market unites our crowd. I love trying new dishes each time I go – my only wish is that I had more room in my stomach to taste more options!

My Highlights

  • Vegan Leather Co: This shop has a bunch of cool clothes, bags and wallets. On the weekend I purchased a super cute shirt from here – click here to check it out!

  • In the Soulshine: A long-time favourite of mine, this brand has great tees and totes, and they ALWAYS have a stall at the markets.


  • Nudo Ramen: I tried this ramen on Sunday and it was honestly the best, most delicious ramen I have ever had! Big call, I know. I added in black charcoal noodles to my bowl as I hadn’t seen them before, and they were so filling, satiating and downright delicious. The sesame base sauce was quite thick and creamy and they had scrumptious toppings like grilled tofu and sautéed eggplant – so many of my favourites in one bowl!

  • Bibimbap Sydney: I had my eye on a bibimbap bowl from this store as well but after my ramen, I was much too full to consider it too seriously. It’s top of my list to try next month.


  • Pepitas: You’ll be pleased to know that my second stomach kicked in around this time and I had a delicious passionfruit gelato from the back of the Pepitas icecream truck.

I truly wish I had room for more food because these other stalls looked INSANE:

  • Treat Dreams: Think cream filled eggs, custom chocolates and pastries. Need I say more?

  • Comeco Foods: Like Krispy Kreme but BETTER because these doughnuts are gluten free, vegan, natural and organic!

  • The C Word: Not THAT ‘C’ word, you dirty beasts. C O O K I E S. Ooey gooey, chocolatey goodness.


  • The Vegan Cheese Shop & Tyromancy Cheese: I tried a heap of different cheeses at these two stalls. Those of you who know me are aware that I’m always hunting for delicious vegan cheese, and I definitely added to my repertoire on the weekend!

  • Noshing Naturally: At this stall I bought a blue cheese I had never seen or heard of before, but as soon as it touched my lips I realised this one was GAME CHANGING.

  • The Vegan Dairy: To top off my cheese tour, I also purchased a new fruity option from The Vegan Dairy which was EPIC.

Hit me up if you’re after any vegan cheese recommendations – this stuff is my JAM!

Market stalls are not the only thing Sydney Vegan Markets has to offer! They also offer yoga and pilates classes, as well as Tent Talks, where speakers are invited to teach market goers about different aspects of a conscious lifestyle. Last weekend, they had 2 discussions; the first on School Climate Strikes and the second on Creating Conscious Content. 

I’m truly barely scratching the surface with this list of stalls. For a full list of what the Sydney Vegan Market has to offer, please click here. See you next month!


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