Kickass Vegan Tees You Need To Be Wearing

Feeling the urge to flaunt your beliefs? Trust me, I get it. Some days I’m just bursting full of my passion for the animals, and for our planet. On those days where you feel like you need to be heard, there’s something so powerful about the feeling of slipping on a tee that shouts your beliefs to all who pass by you. On other days, it’s just nice to fly under the radar, comfortable in your knowledge that you care, and you understand what it’s all about.

Regardless of which type of day you’re having, here are 6 kickass brands that produce slogan tees promoting the vegan lifestyle. Feel like shouting your views for all to see? Chuck on a bold VEGAN VIBES singlet. A quieter day on the radar? Maybe a Sriracha tee is more your vibe.

It goes without saying that all these brands are eco-friendly and cruelty free. By supporting these brands and sporting this apparel, you’ll be getting good karma vibes while looking sleek AF. 

1. In The Soulshine: This was the first vegan slogan brand to capture my heart, and is still extremely dear to me. I can personally say that the quality of these products is top notch, they maintain the highest ethical standards and donate part of each purchase to various charities. To check out the impact they have made, please click here. It’s also a perfect brand for the whole family – complete with a women’s, men’s and kid’s range.

2. James Aspey: James Aspey is notably Australia’s favourite animal rights activist. Perhaps you’ve heard of him as the man who took a vow of silence for 365 days in order to raise awareness for animal rights. He has launched his own range of vegan slogan tees – by purchasing one of these you will be supporting him and his quest to change our world.

3.  Vegetaryn: Vegetaryn stocks a variety of clothes, bags, candles and other vegan products. I took a look at their assortment of slogan tees and was impressed with the large range of options available. All their fabric is sourced from fair trade, ethical brands and all garments are produced in Los Angeles, which is quite frankly unheard of these days. They also use vegan and eco-friendly inks.

4. Veganized World: A few years ago I was walking down the street and walked past someone who was wearing what I initially thought to be a Tommy Hilfiger tee. Yet something did not look quite right. On second glance, I realised that on her tee was written Tofu Worshipper– but it was bordering the iconic Tommy logo. SO GOOD. This is what Veganized World is best known for – their epic and creative play-on-words of some of the most iconic brand logos worldwide.

5. BEETxBEET: With a vision that states “Saving the planet one vegan at a time”, what’s not to love? Born from a love of food and music, BEETxBEET is a lifestyle label that is committed to raising awareness about our everyday choices. Their tees are less femme and more badass lady vibes – my personal favourite is the Herbivore vs Carnivore tank!

6. V-Gan Clan: A small start-up in our very own back yard (well, Western Australia that is), this is a local brand with a few really sweet tees and bags available. It definitely has a smaller range than the above sites, but is definitely worthy of a mention. Their products and slogans are imaginative and unique, and I am absolutely in love with the Why Love One but Eat the Other? design.

Have I missed out one of your favourite slogan tee brands? Let me know in the comments below!


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