Your Ultimate Guide to a Vegan Easter: The Best Easter Treats & Where to Buy Them

With Easter fast approaching and supermarkets beginning to stock their shelves with all sorts of chocolate treats, it can be easy to feel as though you are missing out on all the Easter delight. If you’re part of the growing movement of people avoiding animal cruelty and the unhealthy nature of the dairy industry, it can be life changing to know exactly where to get your Easter fix. 

Look no further. I have pulled together the ultimate Easter guide for vegans, and let me bolster all your hopes and dreams by telling you that vegan Easter eggs and hot cross buns do indeed exist. In fact, they exist in abundance - right under your nose!

The Vegan Easter Egg Hunt 


Lindt chocolate. It’s a staple in our supermarkets. You may have received the gorgeous, golden Lindt Easter bunnies in the past, but did you realise the dark chocolate bunnies are vegan? They also produce a vegan chocolate egg and bunny combo pack! These are some of the most accessible vegan chocolates – found in most major supermarkets. 


Yep, you read that correctly. Aldi’s home brand chocolate Easter eggs are vegan. They are DELICIOUS and come in ‘milk’ and white options – perfect for those of you who crave the lighter chocolate blends. And of course, they are super affordable! On top of this, last year Aldi launched its dairy and egg free Easter range, which includes ‘Choices Free From’ white choc and choc orange Easter eggs. 


Also available at Aldi, the Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Mini Easter Eggs are the perfect choice for an affordable Easter egg hunt.


Haigh’s Chocolates are extremely sentimental to me. Growing up, I have vivid memories of standing in the Pitt Street store and marvelling at all the different kinds of chocolate. Fast forward several years and I realised that Haigh’s dark chocolate products are vegan. The Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Mini Dark Eggs, Dark Chocolate Bilby and Dark Chocolate Hen are popular Easter options and also make gorgeous gifts. 


Using decadent fair-trade chocolate, Treatdreams handcraft Easter creations which are dairy free, egg free, vegan friendly and ethically sourced! They also run chocolate-making classes for those who are interested in getting a little more hands on. Treatdreams can be found in a number of stockists throughout Australia. They’re available online through Flora & Fauna, The Cruelty Free Shop and The Vegan Grocery, and are stocked at The Source Bulk Foods stores around Australia, as well as at a bunch of smaller retailers. Check out their website for a full list. 


Loving Earth’s BooBook Chocolate Eggs box has 10 caramel-filled chocolate eggs made from cashew milk. The chocolate inside the box is delicious, but the box itself gets stellar reviews as it is imade from 97% post-consumer recycled fibre, printed with vegetable inks and the inner wrapping itself is compostable.

Order online at Flora and Fauna or at The Cruelty Free Shop, or check out their website for stockists near you.


Sweet William pride themselves on making Easter bunnies to make sure no one has to miss out, and the whole family can celebrate together! Available in most major supermarkets and health-food stores (Coles, Woolworth, IGA etc.), Sweet William dairy-free chocolates are easy to find and even easier to eat!


These vegan, nut-free and gluten-free Easter eggs are perfect for people with allergies and are widely available in the major supermarkets around Australia. 

Where to find Vegan Hot Cross Buns

When I realised that Bakers Delight Traditional Hot Cross Buns were vegan, it BLEW MY MIND. All at once, it hit me – people are always talking about how difficult it is to go plant-based, yet there are so many foods we are already consuming which are ‘accidentally’ vegan! It’s all about increasing your knowledge of the foods we know – the more I learn, the more I’m surprised to find out that I can still enjoy so many of my favourite foods! Below you can find a list of vegan hot cross buns provided by our most popular bakeries. My personal favourite way to eat them is to crisp them up in the oven then lather them with Nuttelex – YUM. 






Feel like whipping up a batch yourself? Check out this recipe from for the perfect chocolate hot cross buns!


Please remember - Easter treats come in plenty of packaging, so be sure to recycle responsibly!

Dara x