Yoni Eggs: The Basics

I was first introduced to the idea of yoni eggs by my sister, Gee. She has begun delving into the power of crystals and our yonis, and thought it was a concept that would resonate with me. She was right.

In short, a yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone or crystal that you insert inside your vagina. The egg acts as a weight, helping train your pelvic floor muscles to keep them strong and improve their effectiveness. Yet the crystals also operate on an energetic level– yoni eggs are known to assist healing and release emotional traumas stored within you. The practice is thought to have originated in Ancient China 5,000 years ago, where the Queen and her concubines wore the eggs to maintain strong vaginas and raise their sexual energy for the King!

The Word ‘Yoni’
is a Sanskrit word that symbolises the Hindu goddess, Shakti, representative of the feminine power. In Hindu tradition, the yoni is the divine passage, or the source of life. Whilst it describes both uterus and vagina, it also encompasses the divine feminine essence, and represents the sacred space of the woman.

Benefits of Yoni Eggs
In truth, all yoni eggs have the same benefits on a physical level. We can all agree that they work similarly to ben-wa balls – they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help to keep your bladder, bowel and uterus in the right place. They can also increase the sensitivity of your vagina, improve libido and enhance your natural lubrication. When these factors come together they help provide deeper, stronger orgasms – who can say no to that?

On a more subtle level, crystals each have their own distinct healing and energetic properties, which means they can help enhance different emotional aspects of your life. Yoni eggs are used to deepen the relationship and compassion you have for your yoni, your body and your self in general. They are a tool which can help you connect with your sensual femininity, and assist the healing and release of emotional traumas held within you.

The Controversy of Yoni Eggs
The practice of yoni eggs is a controversial one. This is mainly because there is a massive lack of scientific papers either promoting or disproving the benefits. Yoni eggs came to light several years ago due to allegations against Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand. In brief, the brand was claiming eggs had all sorts of miraculous benefits without any substantiated scientific evidence. This prompted a slew of false allegations on the internet. One of note was an article by Dr. Jen Gunter who said eggs are linked to cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Because she is a doctor, people took this as gospel, yet the statement was completely unfounded as there is not one single case or study linking TSS to the use of eggs. I tell you this as a gentle reminder – be critical of what you read, who is saying it, and most importantly, do your own research!

My Thoughts
My thoughts are that the concept of yoni eggs makes complete sense. I understand it is all a bit ‘woo woo’, yet there is plenty of research to support kegel exercises, and the energetic properties of crystals have been traced through the ages. Thus it makes total sense to me to combine the two in order to get epic physical and emotional benefits.

As women, I think it is so important that we connect to our feminine power, and really take the time to understand how our body works in connection to our head and our hearts. This is something I believe we must take full responsibility for; it is yourbody, it is your intimate self, and it is only through dedicating time and energy to its love and exploration that you will begin to love and accept yourself, and your yoni, for the powerful blessing it is. 

I chose this beautiful nephrite jade egg from Yoni Pleasure Palace to start this journey to connect more deeply with myself. Nephrite jade is recommended for beginners as it is the densest, highest quality stone. I also really resonated with the crystal properties of jade, which are:

  • Emotional balance and stability

  • Revitalising energy and speeding up healing

  • Heath and abundance (good luck charm)

  • Instils a sense of calm, wellbeing and confidence

  • Protects against illness and psychic protection

  • Energetic clearing and transmutes negative energy

  • Supportive of new love, and increases trustworthiness and fidelity

I chose this brand as it is about so much more than strengthening your pelvic floor or having deeper orgasms. It is about connecting to your inner feminine, about embracing and honouring yourself, and living in alignment with your truth.

I am so excited to test out my yoni egg. I am going to do some experimenting over the next few months and will let you know how I find it. This is a completely new area to me and I’m looking forward to exploring parts of myself that have never been at the forefront of my mind.

If you would like to join me on this journey, or are just interested in checking out the beautiful yoni eggs, head over to Yoni Pleasure Palace. I have created a discount code for you guys too – use the code DJTIGERLILY at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.

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