5 Vegan Christmas Treat Recipes You Must Try This December

Livia’s Kitchen Mince Pies

One of my favourite Christmas treats are vegan mince pies  and these classic treats are the perfect afternoon sweet treat that you can share during the Christmas period. They are full of flavour, fibre and good fats and are also gluten free, YAY. 

The Happy Pear - Vegan Ginger Bread Biscuits 

So who else agrees that you have to bake at least one batch of ginger bread men during the Christmas period? They are a great festive snack and perfect to have whether you have kids in the house, friends coming over or baking treats for your work team. You will end up definitely making more than one batch this December.


The Little Blog Of Vegan - Vegan Yule log 

Christmas is not Christmas without a yule log and I actually find them fun to make, maybe slightly messy, but fun none the less. This recipe will have you drooling in no time, even just looking at the photos and reading the recipe makes me drool. It is perfect for this time of year and is my go to afternoon treat with my coffee or tea or as a dessert when you have friends or family over for festive celebrations.

 Keep It Cleaner - Gingerbread Balls

I had to include something slightly healthier right? Ha ha! More gingerbread, because you can never have enough of it in December right? This years festive on the go snack are these quick and easy Gingerbread balls. 


The Minimalist Baker - Vegan Gluten-Free Banana Pecan Shortbread

Most people put shortbread as a write off for vegans as most people think they have to include butter to taste amazing, however this recipe definitely proves this wrong, as these are delicious and the using coconut oil as a substitute works well in the recipe. So if you’re like me and love anything that involves banana or coconut, you will love these. Perfect snack to have with your mid afternoon tea or coffee and to have in the house for snacks for the family or for when you have visitors. Everyone who I know who has tried these, absolutely loves them!