#2 She changed her lifestyle and created her dream job - How Sally O'Neil (@thefitfoodieblog) is now living her best life

We want our guests to be authentic and conscious in whichever form that manifests itself. Whether they are a vegan, animal activist, eco-business role model, or holistic health warrior, everyone has a unique story and is on their own journey. On this podcast we explore the journeys of our guests from the very beginning, discovering how their health, business rituals and belief systems have changed along the way and evolved to reflect their current reality.


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Episode 2 - We explore how Sally O'Neil also known as the @thefitfoodieblog successfully grew her business and changed her lifestyle for the better. From not being able to cook and living off microwave meals, to moving across the globe and creating her dream job. @thefitfoodieblog shares her industry knowledge, tips for both creating recipes and food photography content and how she was able to leave her full time job to now be working for herself running two successful business'. 

Key Notes from Episode:

  • There is a direct correlation to the lifestyle you live and the way we perceive ourselves.

  • A good mantra is to just say yes and then google it.

  • Live how you want to live and do what you want to do.

  • Start a business in something you’re passionate about.

  • Working for yourself can be isolating.

  • You can’t seperate business and self.

  • There is always a judgement and a narrative going on when you look at someone else on instagram.

  • You can't please everybody.

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